Sunday, 24 April 2011

Welcome to Morning Yoga

Let's start practice.
Liverpool's ONLY early morning class?

4 days a week, we'll teach you yoga.
Have you practiced yoga before? Are you completely new to yoga?
We are offering 4 morning classes a week.

which days?
monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday

arrival times 7am - 9am
Last arrivals finishing by 10am.
(please let us know what time you are planning to arrive),

We will show you yoga postures (asanas) step by step and help 
you develop a self practice. What is a self practice?

This is a yoga practice which you learn and makes it easy to take 
your yoga home with you. You will learn sequences of yoga postures 
that you soon will know by heart, this will help you take your Yoga 
practice into your own hands, giving you a comfortable base to enjoy 
practice as often as you like.

drop in classes: £6
weekly ticket: £20
monthly unlimited ticket: introduction offer for first month £60 
10 class pass, valid 8 weeks: £50

Lark Lane Area

Initial beginners practice will take on average 45-60 minutes.
As you develop your Yoga practice the classes may grow longer, 
up to on average 75 minutes, but this will be determined by your 
schedule and personal choice.

what to wear?:
anything that is loose and comfortable, leggings or jogging bottoms, 
shorts and t-shirts are all good. As long as your clothes allow you to 
move and you feel comfortable. We have a small range of unisex 
fisherman's pants (very loose and comfortable clothing) and ladies 
t-shirts to loan to you if you accidentally arrive unprepared.. We also 
have a couple of tops for sale.

Yoga mat:
We recommend a practice on a natural cotton mat, which we have 
some for sale (£20 thick, £15 thin to lay over existing rubber mats) and 
a few to use for a 60 pence charge (we wash them between users, for 
hygiene and comfort). Cotton mats absorb sweat and are also kinder to 
the environment, they don't emit toxic gas as many plastic mats do.

If you really like practice on a rubber mat then we particularly 
recommend the natural eco mat available from Yoga Matters. This mat 
is made from 100% biodegradable materials (natural rubber and jute) 
and we regularly practice on this mat. It looks expensive but you will be 
in skin contact with your mat, being kind to the planet is also being kind 
to yourself.